As a coach, singer and speaker, Amanda Raquel specializes in creating magical moments that inspire passion and movement in others while infusing every event, big or small, with magnetic, emotionally charged memories. Her primary goal is that people feel and know their special.
     Amanda Raquel has performed and taught from the stage for over 3 decades and has been praised for her "raw" talent since the age of six. She has trained professionally for 19 years in the classical, jazz, gospel and contemporary genre, yet her area of expertise is stage presentation, musical interpretation and the proper techniques crucial for pitch control and career longevity.  
     Amanda Raquel's faith and fearless approach to life and music fuels her performances and coaching.  "You won't BE all God created you to be, if you don't BELIEVE you can be all God created you to be.  It's crazy but it is that simple."
     To book Amanda Raquel as a coach, singer or speaker please connect at 312.857.4076,  amandamuxic@gmail.com or through our contact form. 


"When I decided to take voice lessons, I was very unsure about my ability to learn the art of singing. Amanda has completely erased that uncertainty by being very supportive, honest, motivating and inspiring me to learn more about the control of this beautiful instrument we all have." Armand

"I met Amanda at a mutual friend's get together. She was such a warm and charismatic person so I got to know a little bit about her. I found out she was a singer/vocal coach and the rest was history. I learned a lot about singing that I never knew. From the technical aspect of how the voice escapes the body, breathing, to the emotional aspect of presence and performance. Everything she had me do made a difference!  I just loved her! She is an amazing spirit and a PROFESSIONAL. Anyone who acquires her services will be pleased." Candice Usher
"During my training sessions with Amanda, I learned healthy vocal warm-ups, how to pronounce and project vocally using proper breathing and why the diaphragm supports adequate sound and pitch. Great teacher!" Jerlinda Thomas

"Amanda is wonderful at what she does with children. My daughter loves attending the sessions with her. She is fun, encouraging, and straight to the point when teaching. She's kind and welcoming. She is Gifted and Blessed and really believes in the success for her students. Her voice is amazing and she's beautiful inside and out. Thanx for all you do."  Mina
"As a musician Amanda strives for excellence and that transfers into her teaching. She is incredibly gifted at identifying and encouraging one's strength whilst building on one's weakness." MissLP
"Amanda is such a great teacher. I walked in not really knowing what to expect and she exceeded all of my expectations. She helped me with breathing techniques, vocal control, scales, embracing the texture of my voice while giving me skills to improve it. Not to mention she is hilarious and I feel comfortable around her."  Chrissy Harris



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